History of astrology conferenceToday I’m flying to London in order to attend the 25th History of Astrology Conference hosted by the Astrological Lodge of London.  On Saturday I will be presenting my paper on the origins of horary astrology titled The Katarche of Horary.   If you would like to read a version of the paper that I will be presenting at the history conference then just click the link above titled The Katarche of Horary in order to download a PDF version.

On Monday I will be giving a talk at the Lodge on a Hellenistic time-lord technique known as zodiacal releasing.   This will be my first trip to England, and I’m really excited about it.    If you happen to live in or near London then please stop by one of my talks and say hi.

I’ll probably post some pictures from the trip here at some point in the near future, so stay tuned.

Update – November 9, 2008: The trip was really great.  I made a lot of new friends, and both of my talks seemed to go over well.    Here are some pics from my talk at the history conference: