I just launched my new website here at www.ChrisBrennanAstrologer.com.  The old website for my consulting practice was at www.AstrologicalConsultingServices.com, but I wanted to start taking that site in a new direction and I thought that it would be a good idea to set up a more personalized website in order to showcase my work and the different types of services and classes that I offer.

I chose the URL www.ChrisBrennanAstrologer.com primarily because the domain name www.ChrisBrennan.com belongs to some wrestler with the same name, and I wanted to differentiate myself from him since his nickname is “The Westside Strangler.”  So, its Chris Brennan the astrologer, not Chris Brennan the westside strangler.  While I appreciate the comedic value of the mix up, and my friends do especially, I think that it is time to start working on my own name recognition here.

My main astrology blog has been the Horoscopic Astrology Blog for a while (formerly the Apotelesmatics Astrology Blog), although I think that I will start posting on this one more frequently now.   It will probably be a bit more casual and contain more information about my life and observations, but I will try to keep the quality high and the articles relevant to astrologers.

Giving a lecture on the history of Hellenistic astrology

Giving a lecture on the history of Hellenistic astrology at the Blast Astrology Conference

My life has been rather busy over the past few months, and the next month or so should continue to be rather hectic.  I just got back from speaking at the Blast astrology conference in Sedona, Arizona and I had a great time.  I spoke on the Hellenistic astrology track with Demetra George, Joseph Crane and Dorian Greenbaum.  I ended up giving three lectures and a three hour long workshop during the course of the week, and I made a number of new friends at conference.

At one point I drove to Tempe, Arizona to have a meeting with some people from the American Federation of Astrologers, and I discussed plans to work with them to help put together their conference in Miami next July.  I also discussed plans to publish my first book with them, and at this point I am shooting for a release date of sometime early next year.   I had the pleasure of meeting James Holden and talking with him for a few hours at this meeting, and it was quite an honor since he has long been one of my favorite researchers/authors.

Next month I am off to England to give a talk at the 25th history of astrology conference in London and then another talk a few days later at the Astrological Lodge of London.  I’m rather excited because this will be my first trip to the UK, and I’m looking forward to meeting a number of people there.

Lately most of my efforts have been directed towards organizing a new cooperative translation project over at www.HellenisticAstrology.com, and so far things are going really well.    We are planning on hosting a sort of conference or symposium for the project and for Hellenistic astrology in general next July in cooperation with the AFA.  More details should be available soon.

I’m also in the process of trying to revamp the Association for Young Astrologers in order to get the organization ready so that we can work with the AFA on their conference next year in July.   I’m also organizing a local astrology group here in Denver which meets each month at the Mercury Cafe.  So far we have had five meetings and they keep getting better and better.