I get a lot of emails with similar questions, so here are some of the most frequent answers:

Do you have plans to start doing consultations again?

I do not have any plans to start doing consultations again in the foreseeable future.

My main focus at this point is on producing episodes of The Astrology Podcast and teaching my online courses on astrology, and this takes up a lot of my time.

I teach most of my approach to interpreting birth charts in my Hellenistic astrology course.

I also have a list of astrologers I recommend for consultations.

Is your birth data public? What does your chart look like?

See my entry on AstroDatabank for my birth data and chart.

Do you have a lot of Virgo placements in your chart?

No, people commonly confuse my Mercury-Saturn conjunction for Virgo placements, but I don’t have any planets in Virgo in my chart. Someone pointed out once that the twelfth-part of my Ascendant is in Virgo though, so maybe that’s something.

Could you tell me how to interpret a placement in my chart?

No, sorry, I get way too many emails with people asking questions about their own chart, and there is no way to answer them all. While I understand the impulse, I don’t really appreciate it or usually respond at this point when people ask this question.

Where can I get your book?

See this page for info on my book: Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune.

The easiest way to order it is through Amazon, although if you want to ask your local bookstore to order it, they should be able to do so through the Ingram catalog.

There is a digital edition available through Google Books.

I do not have a version available for Kindle or other e-readers yet, but I hope to in the future.

The book has been translated into Russian, and other translations into Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese are underway.

I want to learn astrology, where do I begin?

The main course I teach is my Hellenistic astrology course, which teaches the basics of planets, signs, houses, and aspects, and then takes you up through intermediate and advanced techniques, including timing. This is really the best way that I know of to learn how to read a birth chart, because I designed it. Start there, and it will give you a solid foundation in the practice of western astrology.

Last modified: October 3, 2021

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